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a clockwork orange, acting, afi, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, anne rice, anorexia, art, artsy movies, billy martin, binge eating, black & white photography, black eyeliner, black roses, books, boots, bubble wrap, bulimia, chasing amy, cheshire cat, chocolate, clerks, clothing, colors, corsets, costuming, crying, cuddling, dance, dance dance revolution, dancing, dangerous angels, dark poetry, daydreaming, death, dementia, depression, drawing, edgar allen poe, english, expression, faeries, faustus, fight club, flogging molly, free expression, gay and lesbian rights, gir, goth, guitar, hard candy, homicidal thoughts, hope, horror movies, incense, insanity, insomnia, jabberwock, jabberwocky, johnny depp, johny the homicidal maniac, loitering, love, mad hatter, madness, make-believe, makeup, malice mizer, manga, medication, modeling, multiple personality disorder, munching, music, night, not swimming, pain, paradise, philosophy, photography, playing with fire, poetry, powerman 5000, psychology, punk, queen of hearts, rainbows, reading, red roses, relationships, relaxing, rings, robert smith, romance, roses, sadness, saftey pins, sanity, scaring people, screaming, sex pistols, singing, soy, squee, starbucks, stars, staying up late, suicidal thoughts, suicide, sweets, symbolism, tarot cards, techno, the breakfast club, the crow, the cure, the misfits, theatre, theorizing, through the looking glass, tim burton, vintage beauty, vorpal blade, wonderland, word play, writing, zim